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Proper interview etiquette (Video)

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On Tuesday during the FOX8 Morning News, etiquette coach Sindy Martin offered some tips for interviewees before they meet their potential new boss.

Here are the tips she'll touch on:

  1. When entering the interviewer's office, do not sit down until invited to do so.  If they do not ask, ask if you may sit down.
  2. Remember that the interview will begin with small talk.  When asked, "Tell me about yourself," clarify by asking, "Would you like to know about me personally or about my work?"  If they say personally, do not go into your life story.  Be brief, concise and keep it to a maximum of four minutes.
  3. Always have a leather portfolio that contains the following:
    1. A clean legal pad with plenty of paper;
    2. Three copies of your resume with references attached (put the resume in a file folder with your name printed on the tab);
    3. A copy of printouts from the company's website with items highlighted that you want to ask about -- they will see you have done your homework;
    4. A list of questions that you want to ask them, i.e. "Have you had any layoffs? Why? Do you anticipate any in the future?"
  4. It is polite to ask the interviewer some questions as well.  For instance, "How long have you been in this department?"  Remember that they are people too.  Add appropriate humor during your interview.  They want to hire someone who is likeable and will fit into their culture.
  5. Always dress up -- even if they say "business casual."  Business casual is defined differently from company to company.

Martin will provide more advice during an upcoming seminar titled "Corporate Dining 101."  For more information about the event, visit