Winston-Salem woman remembers Boston bombings one month later

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - It's been a month now since the Boston Marathon Bombings killed 3 spectators and wounded 260.

"It was only 13 seconds later and a bomb went off behind me," said Angie Linville, a runner from Winston-Salem. "You think about things a lot. I thought 'you know the 45 seconds I stopped at mile 16 to take off my shirt cause I was hot' I could have been 45 seconds closer to the bombing."

Linville was one of many from the Triad that participated in the race.

"People that I haven't seen in a while are calling, checking on me to make sure I'm ok," said Linville who hopes to one day run the race again.

Linville has a lot of strong memories of that day, but some of the most memorable are the ones of people showing love.  "I got cold and I couldn't get my clothes cause I didn't know where they were, and some perfect stranger came up and gave me her sweatshirt."

Several local running groups say they've had a lot more interests in the past month from runners wanting to train for the next Boston Marathon.


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