5-year-old Rockingham County boy saves unconscious mom

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, NC -- A five-year-old boy's parents say he's a hero after his quick thinking may have saved him and his mom from a car accident Tuesday near Madison.

Caleb Taylor was buckled into a car seat Tuesday afternoon when his mother Sandra lost consciousness while driving down Lindsey Bridge Road.

As the car rolled on uncontrolled, Caleb unbuckled himself, hopped in the front seat, put the car in neutral, hit the brakes, pulled the key out of the ignition and ran to get help.

A neighbor witnessed the accident and helped Sandra Taylor while his son called 911 from the house.

Caleb was unharmed, and after hours at a hospital, his mother is doing better today but is still unsure of exactly what happened.

According to the Caleb's father Robert Taylor, doctors said Sandra had a seizure.

Robert Taylor was very proud of his son's quick thinking.

"What would have happened if he hasn't been with her?" Robert Taylor said. "It's just a miracle of God that he was there at the right place at the right time."