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Georgia teen upset after being called ‘freak’ in school yearbook

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ATLANTA, Ga.–A Georgia teen is upset after he found an insult printed under his yearbook picture.

Dylan Worthen, a student at South Paulding High School, west of Atlanta, said he was identified in a photo caption under his band picture as a “freak,” according to WAGA.

“When I noticed it I was like, ‘Wow, who would do that,'” Dylan Worthen told the station.

Dylan’s two other yearbook appearances were listed under his name in the index, but the one in question was not, which leads his mother to believe it was an intentionally cruel prank that she calls “bullying.”

“He’s my son that I think the world of, and he is no way any kind of freak. He has the biggest heart of any 16-year-old child I know,” said Dylan’s mother, Susan Powell told WAGA.

The yearbook has a faculty advisor whose job is to proof the pages. School officials said they don’t know who is responsible for the word, or how it happened.

In a statement, the school district apologized to the family. They said that the matter is under investigation and they are working with the yearbook provider to remedy the situation.

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