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A son’s sign of celebration in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C.-- What do you have planned for your mom this Mother's Day weekend? Maybe you got her a car, or sent her flowers.

If it's too late to wish your mother a 'Happy Mothers Day' because she is no longer with us, consider what Rob Smith from Greensboro decided to do.

Smith builds altars to holidays, with just a few basic tools, then he shows them off to the world on Holden Road in Greensboro.

He's been doing this ever since he decided Halloween and Christmas were overwhelming Thanksgiving, thirty years ago.

"I just love holidays! America! Freedom!" he exclaimed.

In 2004 Smith's mother, Marsha, died leaving behind three children, a husband and a spirit that you can't ignore.

As mid-May rolled around, Rob got inspired to create again, and instead of just an image, he carved up some words of advice.

"Love your mom. Appreciate your mom. Do things for your mom, because one day you won't have her," he said.

That goes for Marsha Smith, and every other mom on this Mother's Day.



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