Some businesses approve of proposed gun legislation

THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- House Bill 937 was the topic of discussion at Sunrise Diner in Thomasville on Wednesday.

The gun legislation would allow concealed weapon permit holders to bring guns in restaurants and bars, college campuses, bike trails and sporting events.

Sunrise Diner owner Chris Balourdos thinks it is a good move by lawmakers. He feels the new legislation would act as an added protection for not only his customers but staff as well.

"You are just protecting yourself. It's a crazy world out there," Balourdos said.

Under the bill, private establishments like Balourdos' would still be able to ban firearms by posting a sign saying they aren't allowed.

However, conceal permit holder Cathy Hines feels a "No Guns" sign could deter potential customer from visiting a restaurant.

"Sometimes it is out of sight and out of mind. It's typically for protection," Hines said.

The bill heads to the Senate next where it's expected to face some opposition.

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