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Bill would restrict sale of Alcopops

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GREENSBORO, N.C.- A new bill aims to make it more difficult to purchase alcoholic beverages called Alcopops, flavored drinks with a high alcohol content.

Currently, these drinks are sold in convenience stores, but a new bill would only allow distributors to sell them in ABC Stores.

"If you think of how many ABC Stores are in communities versus how many convenience stores, grocery stores and gas stations there are in a community, there are way fewer ABC Stores," explained Dylan Mulrooney-Jones, with NC Alcohol Policy Alliance.

Supporters of this bill say these flavored drinks are 'binge drinking in a can' and they're aimed at teens.

"Between the ages of 15 and 16, 64% of drinkers are drinking Alcopops and then by the time you get age 29 and 30, less than a quarter of that age group is drinking Alcopops," explained Mulrooney-Jones.

The drinks are big sellers for Erica Vasquez at the Family Fare in Burlington. She sells at least 50 cans a day, and if they're taken out of her store, it will hurt business.

"It will be a little bit of harm because it will cut our business down. A lot of the youth, the people that drink them are in this area, so it will cut us a lot business wise," Vasquez said.

If the bill is passed, the drinks will move to ABC Stores in December.