Mosquito season has arrived

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Heavy rain may slowly be moving away, but Guilford County Department of Public Health Educator Sandy Ellington says what the rain has left behind could be here for a while.

"For a lot of people mosquito bites are not a big deal. For other people if you are allergic, you get welts, it itches really bad and then a skin infection from that," Elington said.

Mosquitoes like damp, warm weather and moist areas. Trapped water sitting in buckets and flower pots provide great locations for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

To prevent the bugs from spreading, Ellington recommends dumping anything that can trap water every week.

The Health Department also receives a lot of questions about mosquito repellent.  Ellington says people make the mistake of spraying repellent directly onto their face.  Instead, Ellington says spray the repellent onto your hands and then rub it onto your face.