Crews rescue pregnant horse from creek in Davidson County

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C.--Crews rescued a pregnant horse from a small, muddy creek in Davidson County Thursday afternoon after she got stuck in the water for three hours.

9-year-old Gypsy is 10 months pregnant, and her owner, Carol Jane Scott, usually lets her horses roam in the pasture in front of her home in Churchland.

When Scott first noticed Gyspy was trapped in the creek, she thought she was in labor. She quickly realized the horse was struggling to survive.

"I was pretty traumatized. I knew how pregnant she was and I saw she was in cold water. Her head was down and I know a horse is not supposed to stay down when they are traumatized," explained Scott.

Scott tried to free her 700 lbs. pregnant horse, but failed.

Once she realized she needed help rescuing the horse, she called for help.

"I've never experienced a rescue like this, personally," admitted Ryan Swink, a Churchland Fire Captain.

Rescuers had to sedate Gypsy and use ropes, a net and a tractor to pull her from the water.

"Basically they had a cargo type net around the front of the horse, and had another strap near the rear, and were able to lift it up with a bucket with a front end loader tractor," Swink explained.

They finally freed the horse, but rescue crews and Gypsy's owner are still worried about her condition.

"It could potentially have some life threatening injuries, and if the horse is pregnant you wonder how the baby is doing. Animals or humans--no one likes to lose babies," Swink said.

Scott said the next two days are crucial, as they will try to get Gypsy to stand up.

Gypsy is due to give birth in six weeks.