Greensboro looking to close Sportsplex

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GREENSBORO, N.C.--City Manager Denise Turner Roth recommended a list of reductions for the city to bridge the gap in the $7.1 million budget.

Among her reductions is a recommendation to close the Greensboro Sportsplex.

Under the proposal, the Sportsplex would only be used for rental for large special events or tournaments. All other city programs or camps would be eliminated to save approximately $120,000 per year.

Turner said while there are other recommendations for savings--such as cutting eight school crossing guards in low traffic areas, cutting funds for the Greensboro Youth Council and higher water fees-- most of the cutbacks would be towards parks and recreation.

"The programs that the city operates, we would no longer operate out of that facility, but in terms of tournaments and special events that occur, those that really take up most of the time there, would continue," Roth said.

Council will discuss the potential cuts at the meeting on May7, but won't vote until July.