Dudley High teacher reacts to attacker sentencing

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GREENSBORO, NC -- A judge sentenced Khavasia Vaughn, 19, to 16 to 29 months in prison for assaulting her math teacher at Dudley High School.

The man she assaulted, Wole Ajala, still can't return to the classroom as he recovers from his injuries.

Ajala spent the last two days at different doctors offices getting treatment for a concussion and neck and back pain he says he sustained from the attack.

"I'm in bad shape," Ajala said.

He said he hopes to return to the classroom when he's able.

Greg Slate, head of security for Guilford County Schools, said student on teacher assaults account for 0.004% of reported incidents.

That's about 80 incidents a year, and Slate said many of those are caused by special needs children flailing during an episode or teachers breaking up a fight between two students.

Slate said any incident where a student makes contact with a teacher is reported to the school's SRO.

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