Many schools now offer cybersecurity classes

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HIGH POINT, N.C.-- Hackers are getting better and better at getting your personal information, so college students are studying to beat them at their own game.

The Cyber Security Program at ITT Tech in High Point is one of the fastest growing programs at the school.

"It's putting on the hacker hat and looking at your system and trying to penetrate it. You try to hack yourself to see if you can get through, and if you can get through," explained Brian McCall, instructor at ITT Tech.

Students can go through a four-year Information Security Program, a field, McCall says, isn't shrinking.

"Hackers are always one step ahead of us so this is going to do nothing but expand," explained McCall.

Ricky Richardson is an ITT freshman studying to be a security engineer and knows hackers are everywhere.

"Today, even cars run off computers. The right person can hack into it and drive away with a car," Richardson said.

Often times, cyber criminals don't even have to get online to get your information, as many consumers unknowingly give it out.

"You could be talking to someone maybe about your dog, 'I've got this cute little dog, his name is Fluffy.' I could be standing around the corner thinking she really loves her dog her dog's name is Fluffy. I wonder if I have her user name I wonder if her password is Fluffy 1,2,3," explained McCall.

Richardson's mindset is cybersecurity means job security.

"I'm pretty confident when I walk out of here, I'll be walking out of here with a job," Richardson said.