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Officer impersonator attempts traffic stop on I-85

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Davidson County Sheriff's deputies arrested a former Randolph County deputy Monday for impersonating a law enforcement officer and assault by pointing a weapon.

Foy McNeill, 45, worked as a Randolph County deputy until he resigned in 1996. He was a reserve deputy until the reserve agreement was terminated in 1999.

According to the North Carolina Department of Justice, he hasn't been a certified law enforcement officer in the state since 1999.

Sgt. Jerry Soles made the arrest. He said McNeill presented himself as a vice/narcotics officer working for Randolph County. Soles said McNeill claimed the man he attempted to stop, Laron Glenn of Charlotte, had made a drug deal further up the road.

According to Sgt. Soles, McNeill even presented an expired Randolph County Sheriff's Office access card. He also had a hat emblazoned with SWAT on the dashboard of his white mid-90s Camaro and had two shirts that said SHERIFF.

Also, according to Sgt. Soles, McNeill got out of his car while pointing a .357 revolver at Glenn, who told Soles he'd done nothing wrong.

According to Glenn, the incident started around exit 96 when McNeill approached in his Camaro waving that same gun.

"I rolled down my window because he was motioning me to, and he yelled 'I'm an undercover officer. Pull over you --' and derogatory language, like the N-word and all that," Glenn said.

Glenn said he didn't believe the stranger in the Camaro was an officer. He called 911.

"I'm trying to explain [to the dispatcher] this guy's in a '95 Camaro. I know cops got newer cars than that," Glenn said.

Davidson County dispatch received two 911 calls regarding this incident

Glenn's was the second.

In the first, McNeill tells a dispatcher he's an undercover vice/narcotics officer from Randolph County. He asks for a Davidson County deputy to help him make this stop because his "undercover" Camaro is not equipped with blue lights.

"That's the thing about an unmarked car," McNeill says on the recording. "Sometimes it's good. Sometimes it's bad."

Using that information, the dispatcher told Glenn that McNeill was, indeed, an undercover officer.

Glenn told the officer, "He's in an unmarked car. He's got no lights. He's waving a gun. I'm not stopping for that. I'm sorry."

Glenn kept driving until he saw a marked car already in the middle of a traffic stop right around exit 91. He got out of his car and told the deputy he didn't believe the man with the gun.

After a few questions, Sgt Soles arrested McNeill.

Laron Glenn allowed deputies to search his car. Sgt Soles said they found no drugs.

Both charges McNeill faces are misdemeanors. He's currently in the Davidson County Jail under a $10,000 secured bond. His next court date is May 28th in Lexington.