LIVE BLOG: Manhunt for Boston Marathon bombings suspect #2

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Live updates on the search for 19 year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (mobile users pull down to refresh):

Full story and recap can be found here. Joe Borlik April 19, 201310:20 pm Joe Borlik April 19, 201310:11 pm

President Obama promises to seek answers on motive, methods and whether bombers had help. Joe Borlik April 19, 201310:10 pm

President Obama warns not to rush to judgement about entire groups of people, adding that what makes Boston great is its diversity. Joe Borlik April 19, 201310:09 pm

President Obama: “They failed because as Americans, we refused to be terrorized.” Joe Borlik April 19, 201310:08 pm

President Obama: “The families of those killed so senselessly deserve answers… We will determine what happened.” Joe Borlik April 19, 201310:04 pm Joe Borlik April 19, 201310:01 pm Joe Borlik April 19, 20139:55 pm Joe Borlik April 19, 20139:54 pm Joe Borlik April 19, 20139:52 pm Joe Borlik April 19, 20139:47 pm

Police: Pleased 2nd suspect taken alive, will be held accountable Joe Borlik April 19, 20139:43 pm

President Obama to speak from the White House on capture of Boston bombing suspect. Joe Borlik April 19, 20139:38 pm

US Attorney Carmen Ortiz: This will continue to be an ongoing and active investigation Joe Borlik April 19, 20139:38 pm

Boston authorities: “We have a victory here tonight.” Joe Borlik April 19, 20139:26 pm Joe Borlik April 19, 20139:25 pm

Bombing Suspect #2 in ambulance: Joe Borlik April 19, 20139:16 pm

Boston PD: 9:30pm PRESS CONFERENCE Joe Borlik April 19, 20139:08 pm Joe Borlik April 19, 20139:02 pm

State official tells Boston Globe that bombing suspect was ‘alive, conscious, captured’ Joe Borlik April 19, 20138:57 pm

BREAKING NEWS: Three people taken into custody in New Bedford as part of Boston Marathon terror bombing investigation. Joe Borlik April 19, 20138:49 pm Joe Borlik April 19, 20138:45 pm

Suspect number 2 in custody, according to various news outlets. Joe Borlik April 19, 20138:41 pm Joe Borlik April 19, 20138:25 pm

Law enforcement sources: Police surround boat where Boston Marathon bombing suspect believed to be holed up Joe Borlik April 19, 20138:23 pm

Boston Globe: Neighbors say police officers have told them the suspect in the Watertown backyard is covered in blood. Joe Borlik April 19, 20138:13 pm

Law enforcement officials: Man believed to be Tsarnaev cornered on boat in back yard. Joe Borlik April 19, 20138:10 pm

Authorities believe person engaged in Watertown is suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev, official says Joe Borlik April 19, 20137:59 pm Joe Borlik April 19, 20137:41 pm

Police have taken the cover off the boat containing the man believed to be the Marathon bombing suspect. He’s not moving. Joe Borlik April 19, 20137:40 pm

Shots fired in Watertown, Mass. as police seek bomb suspect Joe Borlik April 19, 20136:35 pm

AP: Police say Boston suspect fled on foot, may not have car Joe Borlik April 19, 20136:33 pm

Boston Mayor Tom Menino: “Together we will get through this crisis.” Joe Borlik April 19, 20136:29 pm

Col. Alben of State Police says the search continues & the suspect will be caught. If you see the suspect call 9-1-1. Joe Borlik April 19, 20136:28 pm

Col. Alben of State Police says the effort was there today unfortunately the result wasn’t. Joe Borlik April 19, 20136:28 pm

MA police official said he believes the suspect is still in the state: “My message to him is give yourself up.” Joe Borlik April 19, 20136:21 pm

Col. Alben, Mass State Police: “He’s a very violent and dangerous person.” That’s our primary concern #Boston suspect 2 Joe Borlik April 19, 20136:12 pm

Mass. governor says transit service resuming even though Boston bombing suspect still on lam. Joe Borlik April 19, 20136:08 pm

MassStatePolice: “We do not have an apprehension of our suspect this afternoon, but we will have that.” Joe Borlik April 19, 20136:06 pm

The two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings carjacked a vehicle, pulled over to transfer materials into their new car, then threw one grenade and five pipe bombs at police chasing them, one FBI and one Department of Homeland Security official told CNN. Three of those explosives detonated, two did not, the officials said. Joe Borlik April 19, 20134:16 pm

Fifteen police officers were treated at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton, Massachusetts, for minor injuries sustained in a gunfight overnight in nearby Watertown involving the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings, hospital spokeswoman Jennifer Kovalich told CNN. Joe Borlik April 19, 20133:46 pm

Investigators probing the Boston Marathon bombings “are recovering a significant amount of homemade explosives” in Watertown, Massachusetts, where authorities engaged in a gunfight with the two suspected bombers, Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio said Friday.

Ryan Sullivan April 19, 20132:27 pm

More details on the Tsarnaev brothers:

Dzhokar Tsarnaev, 19, the Boston Marathon attack suspect now at large, came to the United States on July 1, 2002, at age 8 on a tourist visa, a federal source said. While here, he sought asylum and became a citizen on September 11, 2012.

His older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed in a shootout with police overnight, came to the U.S. four years after his brother, on September 6, 2006, at the age of 20. He came legally but was not naturalized. He was a green card holder and in the country lawfully.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20132:10 pm

Scott Gustin April 19, 20131:55 pm

Suspect may be in 1999 green Honda Civic License plate: 116 GC7

Scott Gustin April 19, 20131:43 pm

Scott Gustin April 19, 20131:38 pm

#CommunityAlert: Per MEMA – People who went to work this morning not expected to remain there. Workers encouraged to return home. – from Boston Police

Scott Gustin April 19, 20131:34 pm

USA Today reports police in N.J. say authorities are interviewing Alina Tsarnaeva, a sister of the bombing suspects.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20131:33 pm

BREAKING: Amtrak has suspended service to Boston.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20131:29 pm

The FBI is at the northern New Jersey home of the sister of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. The police director in West New York, N.J., says the woman has told authorities she has not been in frequent touch with her brothers.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20131:29 pm

Scott Gustin April 19, 20131:27 pm

As of 1:27 p.m., no new information.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20131:01 pm

Police have covered 60-70% of the neighborhood.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20131:01 pm

Very little new information is coming out right now. Police are continuing to follow leads they have received.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201312:53 pm

Scott Gustin April 19, 201312:44 pm

CNN is reporting Boston bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev has tweeted since the Boston Marathon bombings on what two friends of his tell CNN is his Twitter account.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201312:39 pm

Police promise an update in an hour or possibly sooner. They said they are following additional leads that have come in over the past hour.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201312:37 pm

Timothy Alben – Mass. State Police: “There will be a controlled explosion this afternoon.”

Scott Gustin April 19, 201312:36 pm

Timothy Alben – Mass. State Police: “We have no update or development on an apprehension at this point.”

Scott Gustin April 19, 201312:36 pm

Timothy Alben – Mass. State Police: “We are progressing through this neighborhood and going door-to-door and street-to-street.”

Scott Gustin April 19, 201312:29 pm

Hendrick Motorsports issued this statement:

The thoughts and prayers of everyone at Hendrick Motorsports are with Andrew Collier and his family. Andrew, a machinist in the Hendrick Motorsports engine department, tragically lost his brother, Officer Sean Collier, last night in Cambridge, Mass. We ask that the family’s privacy be considered during this difficult time.

Andrew, 25, joined Hendrick Motorsports in September 2008.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201312:29 pm

Sean Collier, the officer killed last night in Cambridge, was the brother of Team Hendrick machinist Andrew Collier.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201312:22 pm

Press conference “imminent,” according to CNN. All new information will be posted here.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201311:57 am

Here’s the uncle’s interview on CNN:

Scott Gustin April 19, 201311:49 am

Boston bombing suspect’s uncle: ‘Turn yourself in, and ask forgiveness’ from the victims.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201311:41 am

Suspect’s uncle speaking on CNN states “We’re ashamed… they’re my brother’s children.”

Scott Gustin April 19, 201311:36 am

As of 11:35 a.m., the suspect has not been spotted and has not been captured.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201311:12 am

Update: Taxi service in Boston has been restored, police say.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201311:10 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 201311:02 am

CNN: Person surrounded in Watertown could be someone that is close to the bombing suspects.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:57 am

Boston’s public transit and taxi service suspended.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:55 am

Officials have surrounded a car in Watertown. Reporters being ordered to “get back.”

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:50 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:48 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:47 am

BREAKING: University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth is being evacuated.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:46 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:45 am

Car found unoccupied.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:29 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:29 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:23 am

A Boston Police media briefing expected around 10:45 a.m. We will post updates in real time.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:20 am

Police believe suspect may have fled Mass., searching for MA Plate 316ES9 – 99 Honda CR-V, grey in color.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:15 am

Boston is empty.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:13 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:09 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:07 am

BREAKING: MA Plate 316ES9 – 99 Honda CR-V, grey in color. This vehicle may be related to the Terror investigation.

Scott Gustin April 19, 201310:00 am

BREAKING: Police fear suspect #2 is wearing an explosive vest.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:59 am

PHOTO of officer Sean Collier (from Boston Globe):

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:46 am

MIT police release the name of officer killed last night, 26-year old Sean Collier. Found shot in his car near Vassar and Main St.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:39 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:35 am

FBI is aware of the situation in Niagara Falls. Story is developing…

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:34 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:33 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:28 am

As of 9:28 a.m., it appears online feeds of police scanner traffic in Boston and surrounding areas are now offline. Good.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:28 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:28 am

Boston Police is pleading that the public stop live tweeting and posting scanner traffic.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:23 am

Some YouTube videos and online profiles have surfaced for the suspect, however police have not confirmed that those videos and profiles belong to Tsarnaev.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:23 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:11 am

A man who claims to the the suspects’ father has spoken with the Associated Press and said “My son is a true angel.”

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:08 am

Many people searching for the suspect on social media, however a fake Twitter account is being circulated.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:03 am

Boston Police are going door-to-door in search for suspect #2.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:03 am

Manhunt continues. A lot of conflicting reports about where suspect might be or where he might be headed. Boston and Watertown remains on lockdown.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:01 am

Tsarnaev has lived in the United States for several years and might have had military training, reported. A man with the same name won a $2,500 scholarship in 2011 from the city of Cambridge.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:01 am

A second person in the house in Watertown has been taken into custody, MSNBC reported. The person is not under arrest nor a suspect in the bombings, the cable news station said.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20139:00 am

Authorities have a person in custody who is not a suspect in the bombings. The person lives in the same house as the two suspects. MSNBC also reported that authorities know where the Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect is located.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20138:57 am

Tamerlan Tzarnaev, 26, died of injuries suffered while battling police early Friday, and the other is on the run in a nearby suburb, authorities said. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, is still on the loose.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20138:57 am

Boston remains on “lockdown” – people asked to stay inside.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20138:56 am

Scott Gustin April 19, 20138:56 am

Two people are in custody at a house on Norfolk St. in Walktertown, Mass.

Scott Gustin April 19, 20138:55 am


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