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Microburst causes significant damage in Hillsville

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HILLSVILLE, N.C.--Five structures were damaged and several outbuildings were destroyed when a storm rolled through Carroll County, Virginia early Friday morning.

The National Weather Service  confirmed it was a microburst, not a tornado, that blew through the area of Coon Ridge Road just north of HIllsville.

People in the direct path of the storm say they didn't hear it coming, just that all of a sudden windows were breaking and debris was flying around.

"I was just like wow! I can't believe it was that much damage and I didn't hear it,"  resident Mercedes Tibbs said.

She said she was worried that there could be severe storms, but that the National Weather Service cancelled storm watches for the area and she prepared to go to bed. The next thing she knew, her sliding glass door was blown in and debris was all over her yard.

The damage spans about a half mile track, leaving a trail of debris, concrete blocks, metal roofing and part of one neighbor's roof all over the place.

"I didn't know, I was like 'Oh my God, what's going on, what's happening'," said Teresa Keys. Her house is missing a large chunk of its metal roof.

It wasn't until the sun came up when the real dose of reality hit.

"The roof was gone! I knew something was wrong cause water was just pouring in my bedroom," Keys told FOX8.