Some Forsyth County residents asking for fire tax

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- 280 Forsyth County residents along Macy Grove Road near Kernersville are facing higher homeowner's insurance due to an error with their fire district tax.

Residents were unaware that they were no longer being billed a fire tax, even though they continued receiving fire protection from the Beesons Crossroads Fire Department. County officials don't know when the error happened, but because homeowners are not technically in a fire district, insurance companies view them as unprotected and their homeowners premiums have gone up.

"I've lived in this house nearly 30 years," said homeowner Leroy Spangler who says he first alerted county officials of the error three years ago when his insurance rate doubled.

"They are making some excuse that they are not prepared. They weren't prepared last year, they weren't prepared the year before but they've known about this for a number of years," she said.

County leaders have to get it corrected by July 1st to meet the deadline for next year’s tax and insurance rate.

A deputy county manager says they were unable to get the error corrected by last year's deadline, but are projecting to get it straightened out this year.

"Somebody needs to get behind this and make this priority one," said homeowner David Chappell. His homeowners insurance has went up 75 percent. "We've got some elderly people in this neighborhood that don't need a 75 percent increase on their insurance."