Winston-Salem State’s little drum major

Amir Baker is a familiar face at most Winston-Salem State sporting events, but it's not the game that catches his attention--it's the band.

"It stated at the basketball game last year. He was fascinated by the drum majors," said Ashlei Baker, Amir's mother.

Amir would carefully study and imitate every move the band made.

"Well at first I tried to stop him, because some of the moves that they do are kind of provocative. But after a while, people said 'Oh he's so cute!', so I decided to let him go with it," Ashlei said.

At home he created a drum major outfit and can often be found practicing his craft.

"He'll watch 'Drum Line' on repeat several times a day. It's funny more than anything, because he's so good at it," his mom said.

When Amir goes to games, it's no surprise that he's the star of the show.

"When I am doing it, I feel like people just yelling at me and stuff," Amir said.

It's hard to tell if Amir will continue his drum major skill into high school and college, but for now he is dancing to the beat of his own drummer.

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