King woman holds an extra special Easter egg hunt

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KING, N.C.-- Easter is a special time of year, especially for children. For many, the Easter egg hunt is the highlight of the day. .

Ashley Manuel from King holds a special Easter Egg hunt for local children every year.

This is the tenth annual hunt for Ashley, her family and her friends in Winston-Salem.

"I just like to sit back and watch all these kids have a good time," she said.

Of course she hosts the Easter egg hunt, but this get together is also filled with arts and crafts, games and a petting zoo complete with bunnies and even snakes.

"I love kids. I always have. I didn't have kids and I'm really close to my nieces and nephews. All my friends had kids before me, so I decided to do something different."

This weekend, the big event drew nearly 30 children and took days to prepare.

Ashley, along with her helpers, put out more than a thousand eggs for the kids along with assorted treats.

Young and old walk away from the Easter celebration with memories that will last a lifetime, all thanks to an idea Ashley had ten years ago.