Man arrested for running over Ramseur police chief’s foot

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RAMSEUR, NC -- A 25-year-old man is under arrest and facing charges that he tried to kill Ramseur's police chief with his GMC Yukon on Saturday.

Chief Larry Lewallen said he was trying to arrest Michael Cary Smith for violating a protective order when Smith made a run for it and got I to his truck.

"I had the pepper spray out but before I could get the trigger mashed down he pulled it down and threw it into gear and took off Chief Lewallen said.

Lewallen said his arm was caught in the window, possibly on a seatbelt, and that Smith dragged him for 15-20 feet. At that point the tire ran his foot over and he fell from the vehicle as Smith sped off.

"I was worried he might come back and try to finish me off," Chief Lewallen said.

Smith did not return, but he later turned himself in to the Randolph County Sheriff's Office and is currently in the Randolph County Jail.

Previously charged with violating a 50-B, Smith is now also charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill a government officer among other charges.

Chief Lewallen sustained injuries to his ribs, arm, shoulder, and foot, but he is otherwise ok.

He expects to be back on duty in a few weeks.