WSSU finance students make real trades thanks to hefty donation

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Winston-Salem State University now has its own finance trading room.

"It certainly isn't something that you find everyday on every campus," said Chancellor Donald Reaves as a crowd watched outside the state of the art trade room in Reynolds Hall.

Finance students can now make real trades and use real money thanks to a $55,000.00 donation from BB&T to the WSSU Investment Fund.

"It’s the best experience," said student Linwood Woodley who will serve as fund manager.  "We formed, got people interested and started designating positions and we had to come up with an investment policy statement to guide our decisions. It's been a challenge but it's been really worth it."

The financial team will oversee the fund and vote on which investments to make. The first buy is scheduled in a few weeks.

"Yes, it’s real money," said director Nicholas Daves who says the best part about bringing the finance world into the classroom is allowing student to use real money that will help future students. "They'll be used in the future for scholarships for students and to allow students to go to investment conferences off campus."