Smith Reynolds Airport to appeal FAA’s plans to close the airport’s tower


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Officials at Smith Reynolds Airport plan to appeal the Federal Aviation Administration’s decision to close the airport’s contract tower April 7.

Smith Reynolds Airport Director Mark Davidson and the Airport Commission of Forsyth County Chair Thomas McKim have agreed they will appeal the FAA decision to close the Smith Reynolds Tower.

Davidson says they plan to send a letter of appeal by March 13th (the deadline set by the FAA for appeals) to demonstrate the closing has a negative impact on national interest.

The FAA has said it will make it’s decision on appeals by March 18th.

The tower will remain open in the meantime.

Davidson says because the FAA controls funding for towers, there is a chance it would never reopen.

If the FAA reinstated funds in the future, the tower could reopen.


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