The Weight of the Nation in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.-- The Forsyth County Health Department is calling obesity an epidemic in the county, and it's turning to an HBO documentary and public health officials to start conversations on how to combat the problem.

The Forsyth County Health Department says more than 2 out of 3 adults in the county are obese, one in three children.

Lynne Mitchell, Forsyth County Preventative Health Specialist, says every Wednesday for the next month, the health department will be showing the four different parts of the HBO Documentary, "The Weight of the Nation."

Following the screening there will be open forum discussions with local doctors, dieticians and fitness coaches.

"When you look at the chronic health conditions, when you look at diabetes and all the complications that can happen from that, then heart disease and when you look at arthritis about two thirds of people with arthritis are overweight or obese. It's frightening," Mitchell says.

Mitchell hopes showing the films, discussing the issues they highlight and talking about things that can help locally will at least spur a larger discussion on battling obesity.

The screenings and open discussions are free and open to anyone. The doors at Aperture Cinema in downtown Winston-Salem open at noon on Wednesdays this month and the screenings will start at 12:30.

For more information on the documentary or for online screenings and events surrounding the national campaign, check out