On Your Side: Watch out for online coupon scams

You can find some great coupon deals online ... but the Better Business Bureau warns, not every coupon is what it appears to be!

There are scam coupons out there and here's how it works:

You click a link for the offer. The website may look official, and it may use the logo of a familiar brand.
But then you are asked to enter your email address and telephone number, promising that your coupon will be sent to you, and the website does a bait and switch!

Scammers sell your information and you start getting spam e-mails and texts.

Here are other ways to know if you should hold off on the clipping that online coupon!
-- be wary of all high value offers. a promo for a $500 gift card is nearly always fake.
-- never pay for coupons.
-- be wary of pop-up ad coupon offers that require you to click immediately to redeem the offer.

Clicking on the ad may automatically sign a consumer up for services they were not interested in receiving.

In some cases, the consumer may be billed every month for unwanted services.

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