Greensboro considers unpaid parking ticket rule

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The city of Greensboro is working with Raleigh officials on passing a new state law that would allow the DMV to block vehicle registrations, if the driver has unpaid parking tickets.

Over the past ten years, the city has accumulated more than 53,000 unpaid parking tickets, totaling about $2.3 million. Greensboro parking officials believe that if the state allowed them to block drivers from renewing their vehicle's registration, it would effectively allow them to collect what drivers owe to the city.

"Colleges have leverage because they can hold your diploma until you pay all your citations that are due, so this would give cities in North Carolina that same bite," explains Robin Davenport, Greensboro's Parking Operations Manager.

The city says about 74% of people pay their citations, but new consequences would help to increase that.

"If you owe citations for 90 days or more, then when you go to renew your tags it would be blocked by the DMV. In other words, you would not be able to renew your tags without paying off all your debt to cities in North Carolina," explains Davenport.

Stephen Hayes is a parking attendant in Greensboro, and writes tickets for anywhere from $15 to $250.

"On a slow day, I could get 40 tickets. On a good day, I can do close to 50 or 60," Hayes explains.

Since the 2013 state agenda has already been set, the earliest state legislators would be able to discuss the proposal will be in 2014.

In addition to Greensboro and Raleigh, the city of Wilmington also supports the proposed measure.