Greensboro Police to start using body cameras

GREENSBORO, N.C.--The Greensboro Police Department is the next force in the Triad who will soon use body cameras on patrol officers.

On Tuesday, 125 Axon Flex body cameras were sent to the department, purchased with the help of a federal stimulus grant. Each camera costs about $1,100.

Officer Ryan Todd was one of the first to use the cameras, during a trial and error phase  two years ago. Todd said the cameras not only protect the trust between civilians and officers, but can help in court cases or complaints.

"Having an officer's insight, having his visual take of exactly what happened on that day, I think is extremely convincing to a jury," Todd said.

The body cameras measure a little over three inches in length and are weather resistant. They use low lighting at a wide-angle to replicate the human vision.

The camera has a battery life of 12 hours and can record up to four hours of footage at a time. They are mounted on a cap, collar or sunglasses. Once uploaded, the footage can be viewed on an iPhone using an app monitored by third-party

"Once I take this box and put it into the docking port, it uploads to a third-party retainer," Todd said.

Officers will start using the cameras in about four to six weeks, after proper training and a policy for using the cameras is approved by Commission for the Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies.

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