How sequestration could affect you

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Just hours away from $85 billion in federal spending cuts, and many Americans, including people in the Triad, admit they are not following the Washington showdown. Recent surveys show many Americans are burned out from politics after the presidential election, fiscal cliff showdown and constant political finger-pointing.

"I think everybody is putting their spin on it. It's exhausting," says Ubet Witherspoon from Winston-Salem. "It’s too much; I don't really even pay attention to it anymore."

Obama and congressional leaders are expected to meet Friday to try to work out a deal.  The scheduled cuts would be across the board and include trimming the budgets of education, airport security, prisons and the military.

"Should be a balanced approach with taxes and cutting spending," said Allan Chavze who believes the cuts will hurt many people and the economy.

Some Americans think government cuts are overdue. "We are in trouble, we've got too much debt," said Judy Rees of Winston-Salem. "Our children, our grandchildren are in trouble - we've got to cut."


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