Durham police: Former officer used more force than necessary

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Stephanie Nickerson (Photo courtesy, WTVD)

DURHAM, N.C. — An internal investigation into a 2012 arrest that left a woman with visible bruises after she was accused of assaulting a police officer found the officer “used more force than necessary,” according to WTVD.

WTVD reports the Durham Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit was investigating a complaint filed by Stephanie Nickerson, a 25-year-old Navy veteran who was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer following the October 2012 incident.

Nickerson claimed the officer “repeatedly punched her in the face and head, leaving her with a broken nose, a black eye and swollen lips,” WTVD reports.

Nickerson previously told WTVD the incident occurred when police responded to her friend’s home in the early-morning hours to investigate a report of a disturbance.  Officers wanted to come inside to search the property, but Nickerson told her friend she did not have to let the officers in, she told the station.

“(The officer) was like, ‘Put your arms behind your back.’  And I jerked my arm away and said, ‘No.  I haven’t done anything wrong.’  And immediately after I jerked my arm back he threw me on the ground, he held me by my neck, and punched me repeatedly in my face and head,” Nickerson said, according to WTVD.

The officer, Brian Schnee, was never charged, but later resigned from the department, WTVD reports.

While the Durham Police Department reported it did not find enough evidence to prove that Nickerson was arrested without cause, the charges against her were dropped by the Durham County District Attorney’s office, WTVD reports.

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