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Cyberstalking victims speak out

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GREENSBORO, N.C.-- A Greensboro family is pleased with a jury's guilty verdict for the woman who cyberstalked them for more than two years.

25-year-old Meghan McCarthy was convicted on seven counts that included making harassing phone calls, computer trespassing and cyberstalking.

The Pfisters say the harassing phone calls and emails from McCarthy started when she and their 26-year-old son broke-up.

"I don't know why she continues what she is doing and what she's getting out of it?" explains Al Pfister, one McCarthy's cyberstalking victims.

The Pfisters say McCarthy would use overseas websites to send emails or call them. Some of the websites would make it look like the messages were from a family member, when they were actually coming from McCarthy.

"Then you'd open it up and bam! There it would be and it would have a comment about watching you or seeing you," explains Tina Pfister, another victim of McCathy's cyberstalking.

The Pfisters now want lawmakers to take a harder look at cyberstalking, and want to see harsher punishments.

The family is relieved this trial worked out in their favor, "It was just so obvious to us, but now that the District Attorney's office, the UNCG detectives, a judge and 12 jurors agree with us, yes, it's very comforting," explains Mr. Pfister.

McCarthy's attorney, Andrew Clifford vehemently disagreed with the final decision.

"We do wish that they jury would have found the reasonable doubt that we thought was there," he said.

Clifford also told FOX8 that cyberstalking isn't a crime he sees all that often, but that it is becoming more and more common.

McCarthy will be on probation for two years and is facing numerous fines. It is unclear if her attorney will be appealing the court's decision.