Helicopter prison escape foiled in Greece (VIDEO)

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ATHENS, Greece — A helicopter prison escape was foiled in Greece, according to the Associated Press.

According to the report, a helicopter swooped down on a prison courtyard Sunday as armed men on board fired on prison guards and lowered a rope in an attempt to help a convicted killer making his fourth escape attempt from the prison.

However, the plot was foiled after the prisoner was shot and the chopper forced to land in the prison’s parking lot.

The dramatic escape attempt was one of a handful involving helicopters in Greece, and the first time such plans have failed.

Three years ago, two prison inmates successfully escaped via helicopter.

Authorities said the chartered helicopter — carrying two armed passengers, a pilot and a technician — first tried to rip off the chicken-wire fence surrounding Trikala prison with a hook dangling from a rope. But that didn’t work, so a rope was lowered down to whisk away Panagiotis Vlastos. Another prisoner, an unnamed Albanian national also in the courtyard at the time, may also have been part of the escape plan.

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