Effects of sequestration on Head Start, National Parks

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Mandatory cuts to federal spending are looming over the nation again, and they'll have an impact in local communities.

In North Carolina, 1500 more kids will have to go on the waiting list for the federal Head Start program, according to the Guilford County Partnership for Children.

That waiting list already has 43,000 names on it.

"The whole early care and education system is underfunded, so any cut is already going to impact a system that is already underfunded," said Cindy Watkins, the group's director.

Also on the chopping block, $55,000 in the annual budget of Guilford Court House National Military Park.

That cut will result in the loss of one full-time position, two part-time positions, the closing of the Colonial Heritage Center, and cutbacks in park maintenance.

"We're losing manpower. We're losing funding for gasoline for fuel, and that's what goes into what we're doing," said Superintendent Charles Cranfield.

Sequestration is supposed to take effect on Friday, March 1.