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UnitedHealthcare to bring 125 nursing positions to Greensboro

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENSBORO, N.C. --UnitedHealthcare announced Tuesday they are looking to fill nearly 600 new jobs statewide, including 125 positions for Registered Nurses and Nursing Practitioners.

Many of the new jobs will be based at the Company's Greensboro Office on North Elm Street. Much of the hiring will start now.

Guilford Technical Community College Nursing Student Benjimin Miles is excited to hear about any new nursing jobs coming to Greensboro.

"It's exciting because it means there's growth in the industry, and also means it gives a place for more experienced nurses to move to make room for me," Miles told FOX8.

He's expecting to graduate in a few months. As he tackled a test in class Tuesday, Miles hopes a nursing degree will secure him a long-term career.

"When the economy tanked several years ago, I was laid off twice," he explained. "I did a lot of job hunting, a lot of bouncing around. It was hard times for a lot of people. It's nice to know we are moving into a field that has some job security."

Miles' classmate at GTCC, Alaina Nease, agreed.

"It's really exciting for all of us. To give us yet another opportunity in the nursing field."

United Healthcare CEO Garland Scott said they are opening a variety of nursing positions.

"Case managers would be where you're working with patients," he pointed out.

"Helping them navigate our system and access quality of care. RN's support our disease management programs, working with members who may have diabetes or chronic heart failure."

In addition, Scot added, "We also have positions that are coming up, with our HouseCall program. Nurses actually go out and visit members at home."

Even if students fresh out of school don't qualify for all of United Healthcare's nursing positions, students say it's reassuring to hear UHC's clinical job pays as much as $92,000 annually.

"The things we hear- that there's a demand for nurses and it's a growing job field? It's true. You see proof of that with the new jobs from UnitedHealthcare," Miles said.

Positions are available at the UnitedHealthcare career page.