Debate over new high school in Davie County

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MOCKSVILLE, N.C. -- Plans for a new high school in Davie County were presented to the school board on Tuesday night.

For years, the school system has proposed building a new high school to alleviate overcrowding at it's current aging county high school.

"It's just way past due" said parent Jenny Myers. "I think it would be a wonderful benefit for generations to come."

If approved, a new 328,000 sq ft. high school would be constructed on Farmington Road next to North Davie Middle School.

The new school would include a three story tower of classrooms, a 4,500 seat stadium and 1,200 parking spaces for the nearly two-thousand projected students.

The current high school would be turned into administrative offices for the school system and a community parks and recreation center with baseball fields, pools and picnic shelters.

"We are in need of a new high school" said Davie Head Football Coach Doug Illing. "One high school is the motto."

It's estimated a new high school would cost $56.3 million, and $2.6 million to turn the current high school into offices and recreation facilities.

If the school board approves the plans on March 5th, they'll ask county commissioners to put a school bond on the November ballot.

If voters approve the bonds, construction would start in the summer of 2014 with the first class entering the new school in the fall of 2016.