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Saving Pit Bulls: The Merit Pit Bull Foundation

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There are too many dogs that don’t have homes, and in Guilford County, one type of dog seems to be plagued by homelessness the most: The Pit Bull.

Guilford County Animal Shelter processes about 50 Pit Bull type dogs every week, making it the most common dog the shelter takes in, according to Marsha Williams, Executive Director of GCAS.

The public cannot adopt Pit Bull type dogs from the shelter, so that’s where rescues come in. The Guilford County Animal Shelter works with three Pit Bull Rescues.

Jeremy Williamson and his fiancé Vanessa Kearney started The Merit Pit Bull Foundation last May. It’s inspired by Jeremy’s first love, “Danky.” Right up until his death in December, Danky faced discrimination.

“It was not the fact that he was a dog. It was a Pit Bull. They thought he was dangerous regardless of what I did with him,” Williamson said.

What people thought they knew about Danky’s breed, affected everything about Jeremy’s life: finding housing, insurance, even among his own family members.

Through his foundation, Jeremy hopes to change the public’s perception of Pit Bull type dogs.

“If you tie anything up to a tree in the backyard and throw it a piece of bread every once in a while and you don’t enjoy time with it, it’s not going to be friendly and it’s going to grow up to resent,” Williamson said.

It's these dogs The Merit Pit Bull Foundation targets: Abused, starved, even forced to fight.

“It’s very, very sad. I get angry with people who do bad things to dogs, regardless of what kind of dog it is.”

Williamson has turned that anger into action and with the help of a devoted team of volunteers, The Merit Pit Bull Foundation has rescued and rehabbed dozens of dogs.

“Why some of the dogs that I come in contact with give us a second chance, I have no idea. But a dog has a special quality that more humans need to have: Unconditional love,” Williamson said.

If you would like to learn more about The Merit Pit Bull Foundation, visit their website

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