Davidson County takes a stance on gun control

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Davidson County's Commission is trying to make it clear: they do not support gun bans at the state or federal level.

Tonight, Commission Chair Fred McClure is proposing the commission pass a resolution to send to the North Carolina State Legislature to officially take a stance for Second Amendment rights.

"It's all come about with the recent gun violence, and people are concerned," McClure said.

He says dozens of citizens have emailed and called him, supporting the resolution.

"Not a single person has reached out to us and opposed it," he added.

"This doesn't change anything that's already in place or already legal. It is a resolution in support of the Second Amendment and the people's right to keep, to bear, to collect arms."

The resolution would not affect requirements concerning concealed carry permits, and it does not mention background checks.

It also doesn't bring up assault rifles or specific types of guns.

"I did not put that in there," McClure added when asked about an Assault Rifle ban.

"My personal opinion is that laws on gun control do not make anybody any safer."

Lexington Gunsmith Tim Carrick agreed, and was glad to hear about the County's official stance on gun control issues.

"[Stricter laws] have an impact on people who are law-abiding citizens. It doesn't stop a criminal," said Carrick.

Carrick said he's noticed a lot of customers who are getting old guns fixed, because it's easier than bothering with paperwork to buy a new gun.

"A lot of people who never thought about gun control are thinking about it now."

Carrick added, "One thing I've always said, that has kept people from breaking in and stealing anything that you own, is the fact that they don't know if you can protect yourself. And most people, that means a gun."

McClure admitted it's possible not everyone in Davidson County supports this stance, but he felt it was important for the Commission to tell legislators what the majority of local constituents believed.

McClure said the Commission sends resolutions like this to the state level all the time.

Most recently, for example, the County drafted a resolution and stance on gay marriage.

He said they are the third county in the state he knows of that drafted such a resolution about gun control.