Drug agents discover a DMT lab in Guilford County

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GREENSBORO, N.C-- Law Enforcement in Guilford County have a new hallucinogenic drug on the streets to patrol called Dimethyltryptamine or DMT.

Undercover agents along with other agencies, raided a home on North Church Street in Greensboro last week, and discovered the drug.

Investigators say Nikolas Vose, 24, and Lauraine Cofer, 21, were behind the operation, and believe the couple may have been growing the drug for quite some time.

Drug agents say people are making DMT using tree bark and a mixture of lye and ammonia.

The effects of the drug are similar to LSD, except hallucinations can be quicker and more intense.

The long-term effects of the DMT are still being studied.

Dr. Sam Gray, a physician with Drug Free NC, says that the highly addictive drug will only grow in popularity.

"It's going to become more popular, unfortunately," he said.

Investigators say the street value of DMT is comparable to cocaine.