Winston-Salem Police now armed with body cams

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.-- Nearly 30 Winston-Salem Police Officers are now recording your every move, up close and personal with small cameras that are attached to their sunglasses or lapel.

The new "body cams" are being used by the motorcycle team, bike patrol and special operations DWI task force.

"We are able to capture accurately their account of what happened, so when going back and documenting an investigation you have an actual audio and video of that person," said Lt. Tom Peterson.

All Winston-Salem patrol cars have in-car cameras, but until now the bicycle and motorcycle teams had no way of recording stops or personal interactions.

Winston-Salem's DWI Task Force is also using the cameras to record field sobriety tests.

"The standardized field sobriety tests are a one on one action to measure whether that person is impaired and the cameras prove very beneficial in that you are able to capture the whole test," says Lt. Peterson.

Each of the small camera systems cost $1000.

They each can hold up to 8 hours of video at a time.

All of the video is uploaded nightly to a cloud based storage system.

The officers say so far the camera's have proven helpful in preventing people from acting out, because they know they're being recorded.

"It gives us one more tool in our arsenal to complete our job," says Lt. Peterson.