Transcript in Greensboro Police scandal made public

GREENSBORO, N.C. --- In 2006, Greensboro found itself in midst of a controversy involving a number of Greensboro Police Officers who claimed the department had discriminated against them based on their race.

David Wray resigned as chief of Greensboro Police as a result of these allegations that same year.

Wray filed a lawsuit against the city in 2009 claiming that the city leaders stripped him of his authority and forced him out of office.

Now, a 17-page transcript detailing a conversation between Wray, Former Greensboro City Manager Mitchell Johnson and a human resource director has been made public.

In the transcripts, Wray defends using the departments intelligence unit to investigate officers.

Former City Manager Johnson states that he would have to do more investigating before a final decision to fire Wray, according to the transcript.

Council members held a closed session meeting on Tuesday,  to discuss their options with the number of lawsuits the city is facing as a result of the 2006 controversy.

Council member Zack Matheny says they may take up the cases, or try to settle them out of court.

If the city settles, it could cost Greensboro up to $2 million dollars.

"There's a lot of emotion, there's a lot of mess, there's a lot of innuendos that we have to work through, " Matheny said.

Greensboro has already accumulated $1 million dollars in legal fees over the seven-year period.

The city is hoping for a resolution within a year.

Wray and Johnson declined to comment on this story.

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