Thief steals 13 exotic birds in Davidson County

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. --Thirteen expensive parrots, cockatiels, macaws, cockatoos and several parakeets were stolen between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon from Rocky and Shirley Robinson's Davidson County home.

The birds were cherished members of the Robinson's collection of 26 exotic birds, that they have been collecting for years--the entire collection was worth $11,000.

"There was one named Cloudy. He loved to play and he's gone," Rocky Shirley said.

The door to the shed that is used to house the birds was left unlocked last Saturday, so the Robinson's grandchildren could clean the cages.

The family said that whoever took the birds will only make about half their worth if they try to sell them.

"Like the umbrella cockatoo that was stolen. You can get $400 or $500 for it and the bird is worth over a thousand dollars."

The Robinsons plan to give their remaining birds to an exotic bird rescue group.

The Davidson County Sheriff's Office is still investigating.

Anyone with information on the birds is asked to call Lexington CrimeStoppers at (336) 243-2400.