GPAC task force final report

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GREENSBORO, N.C.-- The task force for the Greensboro Performing Arts Center gave their final report to the city council on Tuesday.

Over the past year, the GPAC task force has been trying to figure out if Greensboro can handle a performing arts center, where it should go, and how much it will cost.

The YWCA location on Davie Street, and the North Elm and Bellemeade area are two potential spots the task force is looking at

They're also open to even using both--one for the performing arts center and the other for a park.

Their end goal is to make a cultural district in downtown Greensboro.

With a price tag of $60 million dollars, the task force says it can count on $20 million dollars in private donors and are asking the Greensboro City Council to match those donations.

"The $20 million from the city is going to be a combination of user fees which would be a ticket tax, something like whoever buys a ticket is going to help pay for the bond debt service. If you pay for parking the night of the performance that's going to help pay for the debt service on the city's portion," explains Louise Brady, GPAC Task Force Chair.

The task force says they would look for grants and other fundraising to fill the $20 million gap.

"Once we have $40 million we feel confident that we can start the process of designing the building," says Brady.

In the final report, the task force says Greensboro Coliseum staff will run the performing arts center.

The Greensboro City Council will discuss and vote on whether they want to move forward with their part of the performing arts center.

"The way I see it is you are passing the torch onto us to make this work and even though this is your final report this is not the end of the line," says Nancy Vaughan, Greensboro City Council Member.

There will be public comment at the next council meeting.