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First Presbyterian Church to undergo renovations

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GREENSBORO, N.C. --- The First Presbyterian Church on North Elm Street is one of the oldest congregations in Greensboro.

At 84-years-old,  the church hasn't seen many renovations. 

"We are taking it down to the bones to replace the bones," says Tim Millisor, the church's property director.

The church has been planning to do $8 million in upgrades since 2009, and the congregation has been saving for the improvements for the past year. 

Millisor hopes the changes will help modernize and make the church more efficient.

"We will be taking the pews off site to finish those. We will be putting in new flooring in.  We are actually going to take down our chandeliers and take them outside to refinish rewire them," explains Millisor.

First Presbyterian Church is located in Fisher Park--one of Greensboro's Historical Districts--and had to get the city's permission to do construction.

Luckily, the commission had no objections.

"They add a lot of character to any city that has a historical district and that's why they are treated a little differently than other neighborhoods," explains Russ Clegg, with Greensboro's Planning Department. 

Construction is set to start in April and will last about year. 

Through Easter of 2014, the First Presbyterian Church will have their services across the street at the Emanuel Temple. 

Since the temple is smaller than First Presbyterian, the church will be adding an extra Sunday service to accommodate the 500 people who attend their Sunday services.