Bigfoot in Oregon? Residents say it may be possible

Bigfoot stock

Bigfoot stock

PENDLETON, Ore. – Is Bigfoot in Oregon?

The Oregonian reported that residents near an Indian reservation in Pendleton seem to believe that a sasquatch may be living there.

They have reportedly described “roaring” and “screeching” noises coming from the area, which sounds nothing like anything they’ve ever heard before in the wild.

Various reports of the strange noises have come from a number of residents living near an old reservation community center just north of Wilhorse Resort and Casino.

The noises reportedly first started last month. Rumors quickly sparked that it was a young Bigfoot separated from its mother.

The paper reported that residents are frightened of the noises. One person told the publication that his dog refused to go out for a walk out of fear.


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Read more: The Oregonian.

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