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Tow truck drivers come to the aid of those stranded in icy weather

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RANDLEMAN, NC --- When most of us are warm and cozy inside, tow truck drivers are coming to the aid of people stuck in snow and ice.

Tim Atkins runs a row service in Randleman and spends his nights waiting for the phone to ring.

"Once I get my boots on I can be on the road in five or ten minutes," Atkins said.

On Friday night he got a call around 7:45 to pull a truck out of a ditch.

The driver wasn't even in the car at the time. He'd parked his truck at the top of his driveway and then despite the fact that it was parked and turned off, it slid down the driveway.

Atkins was there to help, and then he returned to his garage.

"Now I just go home, wait for the next one," Atkins said.