NFL pressures man to nix ‘Harbowl’ trademark

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The NFL apparently pressured an Indiana man to nix his ‘Harbowl’ trademark last August, a decision that is making headlines because the Harbaugh brothers will face off in the Super Bowl next Sunday.

Roy Fox had the idea to trademark the term ‘Harbowl’ during last year’s NFL Conference Championship. However, reporter Darren Rovell reports the NFL squashed that idea.

Rovell explains:

“In August, a couple of weeks before this season started, the NFL sent a note to Fox saying that it was concerned that his recent trademarks could easily be confused with the NFL’s trademark of Super Bowl.

NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy said the man was asked two questions: Was he affiliated with an NFL team? And was he affiliated with the Harbaugh brothers?

The answer was no to both questions.

Rovell reports following some correspondence between Fox and the NFL, the NFL encouraged Fox to abandon the marks, citing conflict with its mark.

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