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Forsyth County pothole patrol

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.--- State Department of Transportation Crews as well as city crews in Winston-Salem are spending the last few hours before the upcoming winter weather on pothole patrol. They are filling in small holes left behind by last weeks storm so they don't become bigger problems Friday.

Richard Viola, a construction supervisor with Winston-Salem says, "all the rain we've been having and the sleet and slush, it gets up under these cracks in these roads and causes potholes and stuff like that."

Both state and local crews say in the past week, hundreds of potholes have appeared on area roads.

Thursday workers who would otherwise be doing routine maintenance work left their normal jobs to ride state and city roads checking for potholes, filling them in with what's called cold mix. 

Viola says, "that's just temporary when they get hot mix, after the weather gets over 40 degrees,  they will get hot mix and take out cold patch and put regular asphalt in and road fixed permanently."

State crews say just Thursday they used more than $2500 putting temporary fixes on potholes.  Engineers say if not sealed, the small holes from last week will become larger when hit by snow plows. Leaving them open also lets more water in underneath the pavement's surface causing cracks.

Crews say anytime there is the threat of winter weather, the pothole patrol comes out. "It keeps us busy that's for sure," says Viola.