Teen saves teacher with Heimlich maneuver in Alamance County

(Stock photo)

(Stock photo)

GRAHAM, N.C. — A student at River Mill Academy reportedly saved her teacher last week by performing the Heimlich maneuver when he started choking.

The Burlington Times-News reports 42-year-old Jon Weis, a computer instructor, took a bite out of a biscuit when he started choking.

“It was very scary,” Weis told the Times-News.  “I was not getting any breath at all.”

One of Weis’s students, 16-year-old Emily Thouin, quickly grabbed him from behind to perform the maneuver, which dislodged the food.

The Times-News reports Thouin, who hopes to become a nurse, has been taught the Heimlich twice — once in an American Red Cross class and a second time in her 9th-grade health class.

Thouin tells the paper her training “just kicked in” without her thinking.

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