Montana phone scam resulted in $70 million in bogus charges

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A Montana phone scam is making headlines after the Montana family allegedly crammed bogus charges totaling $70 million on phone bills across the country.

According to the Billings Gazette and the Associated Press, the Federal Trade Commission accuses Steven Sann; his wife, Terry; son Nathan; and accountant Robert Braach of running companies that added the unauthorized charges to customers’ phone bills since 2008.

The commission is asking a judge to force the Sanns to stop operating and to freeze their assets.

The Sanns’ attorney, Andrew B. Lustigman said in a prepared statement Tuesday that the companies’ services were sold in a long-accepted and responsible fashion. He says customers were given repeated opportunities to accept or reject the services.

The FTC complaint alleges that Steven Sann used some of the money to buy land and pay for his legal bills in a separate medical-marijuana case.

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