Cold temperatures bring increased workload for crews across Guilford County

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C.--- Cold temperatures bring a big workload for crews across Guilford County. IMAP drivers have been busy helping stranded drivers on the side of the road.  IMAP stands for Incident Manager Assistance Patrol. 

The biggest cold related problems IMAP drivers are seeing are flat tires, running out of gas, and dead batteries.

"Believe me when you are out in the cold trying to get something started it's cold," says Jerry Brown, an IMAP driver.

The snow and ice create a mess on the roads and IMAP crews see drivers sliding off the roads and 911 dispatchers get all the reports.

Last week's snow storm slammed Guilford County 911 Dispatch Center.  "We answered over 1,500 phone calls in a 12 hour period over that night shift and that's about twice our call load for a night shift," says Melanie Neal, an operations manager for Guilford County 911 Center.

Occasionally, dispatchers will get a call from someone out in the cold.  "If we have calls for someone that is exposed, an exposure call, it goes through our medical screening. If it comes out to not be an emergency we usually upgrade it to an emergency based on the temperature," says Neal.