Average American will spend 43 days on hold in a lifetime

Telephone Call (Generic Photo)

Most Americans spend 10 to 20 minutes a week on hold, according to MarketWatch.

That’s the equivalent of 13 hours per year, or 43 days in a lifetime.

“Being put on hold is a fact of life when you call a customer-service department,” says Edgar Dworksy, founder of

Luckily, there are ways to get a real person on the line faster. posted a list of the average wait times for companies like Facebook, Comcast and Bank of America, and gives customers a heads-up on what buttons to press to get re-routed to the right department when they do call. Companies like Dell, AT&T and Citibank use, a service that calls the customer back when an assistant becomes available.

However,  hold time does not seem to be important to most businesses. Just 4% of companies ranked customer service as the top priority, versus 38% for new investments in products or services, according to a survey released last month by the American Society for Quality; 18% rated information technology as their top priority and 13% listed marketing and advertising.

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