Tickets to see the Ravens and 49ers in the Super Bowl are ridiculously expensive


NEW ORLEANS, L.A. — Tickets to this year’s Super Bowl are, you guessed it, very expensive.

How expensive?

In order to sit in the stands, let’s say row 25 of the upper level behind the end zone, you’ll have to shell out $2,130 per ticket. The Bleacher Report points out that this is enough to buy season tickets for any NFL team.

How about a top-notch view of the game? You can get a pair of lower-level seats near the 50-yard line for a total of $27,600, or you can get two in the luxurious “Loge” section by center field for $49,000. That’s enough to buy a 2013 Mercedes E-Class.

Eager to spend as much money as humanly possible? There is a 32-seat suite int he corner of the 400-level for $420,000. That’s about $13,000 per person and includes catering and two parking passes.

The cheapest ticket on Ticketmaster is $2,217 each—-that’s at the top of the upper bowl (or the nosebleed seats).

The Bleacher Report contributed to this article

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