Choosing a credit card: What perks are best for you?

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On Tuesday morning, consumer reporter Melissa Painter discussed the various perks of credit cards and how to make them work best for you.

Here is some of her advice:

  1. Check for discounts that you can get with your credit card at certain businesses.  Melissa's Visa helps her get 20 percent off certain hotels, so don't miss out on those offers!
  2. Cash back!  Chase Freedom offers 1 percent cash back on all purchases up to $1,500 and quarterly cash back offers of 5 percent for things like gas and groceries.
  3. Rental car coverage.  If you use your credit card for a rental, most cards cover any loss to the vehicle so you don't need to waste money on rental car insurance.

So how do you know which credit card offers the best deals?  There's a great website called  It asks you a few questions and then compares credit card offers to help you choose the best one.